Become an Affiliate

We have an exciting referral program for you. Sign up below to get your tracking link. We will pay you $25 per month, for every month a member you refer to BlackBoxStocks remains active in our community. We also pay you a $250 referral fee for every member you refer that purchases an annual membership.

That's $100/month if you refer just 4 friends.

*Our referral program is reserved for BlackBoxStocks members only.

"BlackBoxStocks has been my most reliable revenue stream. "Every dollar I've put into it has come back multiple times. HIGH CONVERSION and HIGH RETENTION! You can't ask for more! I can't stress enough how much of a game changer promoting BlackBoxStocks has been for me and my brand."

- Sal

Learn about our Dashboard

We utilize the powerful HasOffers affiliate tracking software. We provide an easy to navigate dashboard where you can track users that create accounts and as soon as they signup, you will get paid! Then as the users recurring payments are processed, you'll see your referral revenue continue to grow. We encourage our affiliates to be a part of the community and help their referrals get the most out of BlackBoxStocks!


Get your tracking link

Once you create your affiliate account, you'll see a tracking link under offers in the dashboard. Here you can add our own sources and create a tiny URL. The two videos below will walk you through the dashboard and help you get started!

Check out these videos to learn more about how to use our affiliate dashboard