March 2020

   BlackBox Flow Training  (Part 6)   PRIVATE TWITTER ALERTS If you can't watch this throughout the day, we do have private Twitter alerts - @BlackBox_Team is the one on the left here.  Follow that account and send a DM with your BlackBox name

   Stock Trading We recently caught up with Teah as she shared with us her strategy of combining the BlackBoxStock alerts and chart studies to day trade 52-week high range breakout trades.   Trading 52 Week High Stock Alerts Hey guys, this is Teah. I've been

   BlackBox Flow Training (Part 5)   PRISTINE & SNEAKY WHITE FLOW If you look at this, this would be a case where I like to see the white flow. Someone asked earlier, why do I not filter out or should we filter out white

   Support and Resistance ThuhKang shares his strategy of combining the BlackBoxStocks option flow with support and resistance to intraday trade. I really love the BlackBox system because it boils down a lot of information that is easy to read and easy to

   BlackBox Flow Training (Part 4)   BEARISH CALLS Bearish calls. This is a very important distinction between us and the competition when I said we show you the bid side activity. This is what I'm talking about. calls in and of themselves are not bearish,

   Options Trading Strategy Seven Star Mike shares his strategy using BlackBoxStocks option flow, tools and community to gain an advantage trading options.   Hi everyone, my name is Seven Star Mike, I'm one of the moderators at BlackBox, and this is how I

   BlackBox Flow Training (Part 3)   THE SPREAD Sometimes, after the contract and price info, there is a letter.  This letter refers to where the trade was filled within the spread. A “BB” means the trade executed “Below the Bid.” A “B” means

   Trading Community Bender shares his strategy of combining the BlackBoxStock options flow and algorithmic trading alerts with the powerful BlackBox community of active traders sharing live information on the next big daily moves before they occur. Hey guys, happy to be here!

   BlackBox Flow Training (Part 2)   OPTIONS FLOW Options flow is simply the options trades that are coming across our scanner.  We are watching this options flow to get an idea of where the big players are putting their money.  We can use

   Momentum Trading Using BlackBoxStocks Price Spike Alerts TekMunnee shares his options trading strategy using BlackBoxStocks price spike alerts, option flow, community and tools to gain an advantage day trading options.   Technical Analysis with Tekmunney Each morning I take a look at the