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The savvy retail trader out there searching for the best stock trading platform has some choices, and there is no better choice for the active trader than BlackBoxStocks.

Our focus on options is well known across the industry, but many traders are not interested in options. These traders are interested in trading shares of stocks only in their trading accounts. This will introduce you to the many benefits of trading stocks on the stock market with access to the data, education, and community BlackBoxStocks provides its members. It is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of the BBS stock trading platform; however it will lay out the case that if you are looking for the best stock trading platform there is…you’ve found it.

The BlackBoxStocks platform consists of two “sides”: the stocks side and the options side. If you are more interested in the former, you are in the right place! Many of our moderators and members do, in fact, focus their trading on the options side of the house. Nonetheless, the stock side of our platform is a powerful trading tool.

On our platform, if you hover over the NYSE/ NASD option, you will see options:

These allow you to focus your stock investigation on the tickers you are most interested in trading. And regardless of what type of stock you are interested in, as long as they are NYSE / NASD listed, we have your back with tools and data galore. Let’s get into some of them.


How do I find stocks that are moving each day?

:By learning how to use, and using a pre-market scanner. Our pre-market scanner will tell you which stocks are gaining and losing the most in the current premarket as well as volume-related information and more. Everyday some kind of action is happening in the market. The trick is to find it. Our pre-market scanner is one of the most useful tools we have available to stock traders. There is no need to pay for an additional pre-market scanner if you are a BBS member, as ours is as robust and as powerful as any out there.


Once the trading session starts, how do I find tickers that are seeing action one way or the other?

Stock alerts are what you need! As a member, you can set your filters for the following stock alerts:

Of particular interest to the stock trader are the price spike, retracement, rapid decline, usual suspect, halt, Dark Pool, Inside Trading, and ORB alerts. Here is a brief explanation of each of these and why they can be so useful to a stock trader buying and selling commons on either intraday or swing timeframes.

As these alerts are key to knowing where action is taking place in the market in real time…and this is what every intraday trader needs…let’s briefly discuss each of these alerts and how they can help you.


Price Spike Alert
This alert lets you know if a ticker is undergoing a rapid increase in price in a short amount of time. Every trader who has ever been on the right side of a “squeeze” knows how profitable it can be. If a ticker’s price is spiking more than is its usual, it is very useful to know exactly what it is and to be able to access it quickly. That is exactly what this alert does.


Retracement Alert
Pull-back trading has gained massive popularity. And this makes sense as it is so profitable if done correctly. Pull backs, or retracements, happen when price pulls back for a rest period before continuing in its former trajectory. This can be powerful areas to enter a trade, and this alert can let you know when a ticker is experiencing a price retracement.


Rapid Decline Alert
If a stock experiences a sharp decline in a small amount of time, the Rapid Decline alert will let you know about it. Rapid changes in price action often revolve around news events or other sudden changes, and this type of movement can be explosive. As we repeatedly teach at BBS, if intraday traders are going to beat the odds and be successful they must be able to play price action both ways. Too many traders are only long-biased. Savvy traders, whether we are talking common shares (also called “commons”) or options, must be able to play the market both ways without bias. This takes a long time to get proficient at, and the Rapid Decline alert can help with the process.


Usual Suspect Alert
This alert is interesting in that it alerts tickers that are known to have explosive moves one way or the other. This is useful in identifying moves in tickers that are known to have more volatility than average. Some of the biggest and most violent intraday moves will manifest in the usual suspect alert.


Halt Alert
One of the hallmarks of volatility (aka, really good chances for quick moves or reversals) are stock halts. Stocks are only halted if they move up or down violently in a short amount of time. While a stock is halted, especially the first time, many traders like to evaluate the situation and contemplate jumping into the fray. To do this, you must know what is halted and when…this is where the value of this stock alert becomes apparent to the commons trader.


Dark Pool (and Phantom Prints)
Dark Pool trading has also gained popularity in recent years, and there is much misunderstanding revolving around it. Dark Pools are prearranged orders that take place outside of the public exchanges (also called “lit” markets”). These are always large market participants, and no one knows the directional nature of these huge transactions outside of the parties directly involved in the transaction. We never know if the transaction was a buy or a sell, but they can serve as powerful levels on a chart to add to a bull or bear thesis. These transactions are alerted often; it is believed that up to 70% of all trading volume in the market involve Dark Pool transactions. BBS has a moderator who is one of the leading darkpool specialists in the market, and the Dark Pool alert lets you know when Dark Pools come across the tape in significant size.


Insider Trading
Is it ever a good thing when the C-suite of any company sells a lot of their shares? How about when they buy a large amount of their company’s shares? The former is often considered bearish (why are they selling the shares of the company they purportedly believe in and work for?) while the latter is considered bullish by most (why would a CEO or CFO buy ten thousand more shares of their company if they believe the price isn’t going to appreciate?).

When insiders of publicly listed companies trade shares of their company, it has to be recorded. This is public record and it is available; however, this can be difficult to locate if it is not a trending news item. That is the value of this alert. As soon as the insider trading forms are filed and made public, you will receive the alert of the insider trade. Depending on your trade thesis, specifically in swing trades, this


The Opening Range Breakout trading strategy is one with a storied history within the BlackBoxStocks community. We have been trading it through the tough times in the market when conditions make going long and holding a more stressful situation than many traders are comfortable with. The ORB alert lets you know when a ticker’s price action is about to break above or below its opening range. This range can be set to the five minute, fifteen minute, or thirty minute time-frame. ORB trading helps eliminate the volatility and notice of the first fifteen minutes ( or whatever chosen time frame) and can serve as a powerful tool to the intraday trader. If you are not familiar with the Opening Range Breakout strategy, take some time and become familiar with it. We have moderators and traders who have massive results with nothing more than this one approach. The ORB alert is one of the most powerful and useful alerts in the BBS stock trading platform!


In addition to alerts, the stock trading BBS member has access to powerful charting, studies, and other tools. Our charting system is powerful and full-featured. Many members use the native chart in the BBS homescreen to draw out support and resistance and other key levels.

When our studies are added to the chart, the situation gets even more powerful. Some of the most popular chart studies include the Opening Range Breakout study, the Dollar Flow study, the Dark Pool study, and we offer many more of the leading market studies so familiar to many traders.


So what else does a retail stock trader need to be successful on an intraday and swing basis? There are, of course, many types of trading but there are tools that can assist virtually any type including market news, dedicated moderators, access to a vibrant trading community, a full-function mobile app, and an extremely responsive customer service department.


BBS members have access to The Fly market news. This provides up-to-date and right-now current market news as it happens. Beyond that, our platform allows pulling up ticker-specific news on The Fly by simply typing in the ticker and receiving said news immediately. When market-moving news happens, the traders who are first in the know will be the ones to profit the most.


BBS is known widely for its network of professional moderators who guide members, provide advice, call out trades, and more. Most of our moderators focus on Options trading; however, we have a live channel moderated by a commons-only trader who is known to widely kill it on a weekly basis. Teah’s stock channel is a valuable resource within the BBS community that the trader focused on commons trading should avail themselves of daily.


Stock traders at BBS also have access to our wide and varied trading community. On our website and app, our community rooms feature the aforementioned Teah’s stock room, the BBS Start room, options audio, team trades, the Road House, and a room dedicated to the flow plays sent to members’ mobile devices. We also have a large and popular Discord server with even more traders discussing even more things. Stock traders have many macro, micro, and daily changing parameters to keep up along with data and info drops from various institutions, and it is easier to keep up with this with the task spread across our community of traders.


We also have a full-featured app available for Apple and Android devices that helps stock traders stay informed while on the go. Though not as powerful as our main web based platform, it is a very convenient adjunct way to stay up on the info you need to successfully trade common stocks in the biggest market in the world.


BlackBoxStocks is well know for options trading, and we understand that many traders are only interested in trading shares of stock. Many of our members only trade commons, and our platform has an entire side devoted to stock trading. As mentioned throughout this article, there are tools galore to help you trade more successfully and more informed. It truly is a jungle out there; don’t go it alone!