BlackBox Flow Training Part 6

BlackBox Flow Training Part 6


BlackBox Flow Training  (Part 6)



If you can’t watch this throughout the day, we do have private Twitter alerts – @BlackBox_Team is the one on the left here.  Follow that account and send a DM with your BlackBox name you will be granted access.  This is going to be the different alert types based on the criteria that I just mentioned. Some of the things were looking for that I just mentioned on that checklist.  If we’re not able to watch the flow all day long this account here will spit out different alerts based on that criteria. The other one is at the options wire. That’s the account where the moderators share their specific trades.


Large: yellow call sweep (opening transaction), filled at the ask, that meets the minimal notional amount traded.

Repeater:  when multiple alerts at the same strike price and  expiration occur within our allotted time frame.

Roulette:   yellow call sweep (opening transaction), is traded with the current week’s expiration (highly speculative).  So, roulettes are speculative. If you don’t like the ups and downs and volatility of a short-term trade do not follow roulette alerts.

Steady:  all proprietary alert criteria has been met within a 60 minute window.

Swift: all proprietary alert criteria has been met within a 5 minute window.

Rapid fire:  all proprietary alert criteria has been met within a 2-minute window.


These are algo driven alerts.  They do not consider technical analysis, news, or market conditions.  Please trade these alerts accordingly.  You’ll be able to spot what’s going to be alert before it alerts now, it didn’t alert because the criteria haven’t been met, but if more flow comes in it would alert.

It’s not magic, when you start staring at this flow and understanding how it works and what’s going to trigger.  You’ll be able to call out some of this flow before it actually sends an alert to Black Box Twitter!



Here’s how you trade with an alert system.  At 10:02 we got an alert, and at 10:03 I entered the position. So, when someone asked earlier how quickly do you have to enter this one? I got in a minute after the alert came out. So, I was making money here at this point, I was up 27% on this particular trade. This is within the same day too.  The alert came out, I was up 27%, and then it started moving against me. I didn’t like what I was seeing in the market, so I sold for 13% gain.

We don’t necessarily trade options for 13% gain, but if you look again, this is a put position way over here. It’s up here. I would have lost money. And the reason I show you this is because I’m not proud of a 13 percent gain necessarily, but what I want to show you is that it was 27% and I saw the market turning against me. So, when I locked it in it was a 13 percent gain, if I didn’t lock it in it would have been a loss. So, the reason I show this particular graphic is because the alerts don’t guarantee they’re going to make money.

Here’s one where I entered 24 seconds after the alert and exited 27 minutes later. I got out with a 30 percent gain.  This one I followed the alert in 29 minutes. I made a 42 percent gain. On this one. This was the next day. I made a 100% gain following the alerts. So, the alerts work if you sit and wait for the right flow.



Trade within your comfort zone.  Always.  Roulette alerts are expiring the same week the alert comes out.  If you are uncomfortable trading short term (or inexperienced) these trades are probably not for you.

Similarly, if swinging isn’t your style, don’t follow an alert dated three months out.  The alerts might work in both circumstances, but your trading psyche won’t.  If you are trading outside of your comfort zone, it won’t be fun.  Anxiety and stress will increase, and if the trade goes against you, you’ll just tell yourself, “I KNEW I shouldn’t have taken that trade.”  Stick to your trading style regardless of what alerts come out.  Trading is hard enough on its own.  Don’t take trades that go against your personality. Stick to the flow and the alerts that match your trading style

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