Bullish Flow Plays

Bullish Flow Plays

Bullish Flow Plays


I don’t ask much out of life. Good health, some fun in the sun, and three or four killer green candles on SPY during a trading week now and again. Alas, this week delivered all three! I hope you are well, had some fun in your place of choice, and was able to benefit from this bright green week this week. So what happened?

Speaking of the SPY ETF, as always, Monday featured a red day with a ton of intraday range. Tuesday opened above the 8 EMA and had almost as much range. And, remember, it is range…not necessarily any particular direction…that day traders need more than anything. Wednesday followed suit, hovering above the 8 even more while Thursday continued the trend climbing upward to close right below $399 a share. Fridays sometimes like to show up and ruin the party. . Friday opened And put in a pretty bearish day compared to the rest of the week. However, it closed still above the eighth and this week was a great week for intraday trading.

Overall, if a trader has good strategy, discipline, and skills, this week was one featuring heavy intraday payday opportunities. So what was going on inside our community. Come on around this corner with me…I’ll show you.


Well, the BBS Start crew was at it again this week. It’s pretty hard to control those guys, and I’ve been told that listening to their antics and conversations throughout the day as they guide members on voice is akin to an “audio version of a pretty good tv show.” I bet they’ll take that compliment and run with it. Check them out if you are a member, and if you aren’t…well then. The time has come!

One big advantage our members enjoy involves flow plays being sent out over our official app, straight to their phones. These are hand-picked, top-tier flow plays with a high probability of success based on size, time, and urgency. This week featured two plays that were both moneymakers.

At 8:50am on July 18th, the $SMH 9/16/22 $240 call flow play was alerted to members. The same day, at 10:58am, an 11/18/22 $15 call flow play was also sent out. Flow plays sent to the phone show the lines of flow that inspired the callout. You can see both the SMH and the SNAP plays below:

SMH flow play as sent to members’ phones:

SMH Bullish Flow Play
SNAP flow play as sent to members’ phones:

SNAP Bullish Flow Play

Anyone who is trained in our method of reading the flow can see immediately that these were strong transactions that ticked all the boxes. Both of these plays were profitable within a couple days, and this is a great example of the data and guidance our members benefit from.


Even when, in retrospect, a week had a clear trend it can be difficult to navigate trades during the heat of the moment. Flow plays, education, and moderator guidance are three solid ways to help keep emotions under control and have a better chance of profiting during a trading week. This week was a great example of this. I hope you have a good weekend and come check out what we are doing over at BlackBoxStocks.