Price Spike Alerts

Price Spike Alerts


Momentum Trading Using BlackBoxStocks Price Spike Alerts

TekMunnee shares his options trading strategy using BlackBoxStocks price spike alerts, option flow, community and tools to gain an advantage day trading options.


Technical Analysis with Tekmunney

Each morning I take a look at the pre-market scanner to look at tickers with large amounts of volume to compare to the daily average volume.  If I see something that’s an abnormal amount of volume, versus the daily average volume that’ll pique my interest, I’ll look at that ticker. For example, if I’m interested in the ticker ‘CARB’, I can click on it see all the information provided in the pre-market scan regarding ‘CARB’. There are about 7 million trades during the day that show up in the middle of the scanner. There’s a total of 21 million traded daily and if I do my analysis, I’ll have an idea of what the average volume is.  That’s one method of how I’ll keep an idea of various tickers in the pre-market that I think may start moving throughout the day.


News Features

One of my favorite features of BlackBoxStocks is the news feature.   I actually keep the news feature up when logged in on mobile as well through the website on my phone.  I love the format and I always keep an eye out on the newsfeed throughout the day because it’s efficient and very streamlined. It’s directly connected with the most important news feeds that are out there. So, this news feed has actually made me cancel many other platforms I was utilizing prior to becoming a BlackBoxStocks member.  ‘The Fly On The Wall’ and many other news websites populate through the BlackBox platform. With the news feed, I feel it also gives me an idea of price target alerts, analysts upgrades, and downgrades throughout the day, but, mainly during pre-market or after hours so I’m ready for the next trading day.


Filters and Trading Alerts

One of my other favorite features to use on the BlackBox platform is setting my filter to stocks over a hundred dollars.  Over the years I’ve come to trade tickers that are in the hundred-dollar range, as it’s just a personal preference of mine. And once I have my filters set, I’ll go to the alert stream. Once in the alert stream, I like to filter for stock price spikes and stock halts.  These are my favorite, and I’m going to show you clean and quick trading strategy for what I do to utilize the price spike alerts to make profits through the BlackBoxStocks platform.

Let’s use TTD for example.  When I click on TTD, the first thing I do is I set the filter to hundred dollars and then I toggler over to the options flow module which is in the middle of the screen.  With the options flow, I’ll also have the alert stream pulled up next to it.  So, on the platform here, the price spike alert hit real time for TTD at 9:38 eastern.  My chart is a one-minute chart by default, and you’ll notice where the price spike alert occurred, and upon that there’s been some upside momentum. Well, how would I know to play that?  What I love about this platform is I can actually save my personal charts, my format, or how I like to view a chart.  What I have personally saved is a daily chart with Heiken-Ashi candles.  I just click on views and the chart now has my personal favorite view saved.

In my personal trading strategy, BlackBoxStocks gives me the advantage of combining price spike alerts, meaning momentum in the stock market behind the ticker, before much of the public can see it. One thing I love doing, personally, is trading off a 5-minute chart. I immediately have the price spike alert populate to the one-minute chart so I can see where the horizontal line is when the alert came through.  I’m going to flip over to the 5-minute chart, just so you can get an idea of how I really use this in real time. There is a 5-minute candle from 9:35am-9:40am and notice once we’re in there’s green Heiken-Ashi candles. I don’t have to look to sell because I use this crossover, this green cross over on the chart. When our Heiken-Ashi went green, that stayed green and this crossover didn’t happen until the ticker was around 194-195.  If I zoom in to give you an idea, I could have exited when this crossover happened at about 205.  For an options trader, a $10 move can mean several hundred percentages and profit. This is a play I specifically utilized this morning.

Now, I’m going to un-filter the alert stream and show you a different way I use the same price spike alert but with a different strategy to attack your trading day.  OKTA, this is a beautiful example of a different way of using the alert stream.  Again, I toggle over OKTA, this is going to immediately show me the one-minute chart.  Notice, the price spike alert line.   One of the most important things for any trader to know is your support and resistance. It will be the most beneficial thing to trade off of.  Just a quick glance to notice where the price spike alert is.  It ended up being support, at 13:00, so 1p.m. Eastern.  The ticker dropped off, and it became support.  I want to drill into this a bit. This is a one-minute chart and notice where the price spike alert hit.  Hypothetically, maybe I was already playing the TTD and I was looking at other charts during the time, so I missed the original OKTA alert. I come back and look at the OKTA chart and notice it spiked up.  By looking at the personalized chart combined with the options flow, you can inflate a nice options scalp and then hold and hold through again.

These are still my personal strategies I’m using on EMA’s, but what you want to do is draw support and resistance. Hence, making this tool beautiful. It’s very simple. I’m going to click on this icon here in the top, right corner of the chart module.  The icon looks like a pen, and when I select the tool, I want to draw support and resistance with it – a horizontal line.  I’m going to make this a bright color so it’s a bit easier for you to see.  Notice where the price spike alert happened, and the chart just jumps up to this high. I’m going to draw a line there too, because to me that’s opening resistance on this ticker. I’m going to close my drawing tool; notice this blue line we’ve drawn up there.  Now, remind you I gave you a real example that I actually missed the alert, but I’m still going to want to play because I know there’s a reason for a price spike alert.

And that’s the advantage BlackBox can give you outside of the others in this market using the options flow and alert stream. We always know that there’s some motive or reason behind activity in the stock market with volume and price action. So, even though I may have missed the entry to OKTA, that doesn’t mean BlackBoxStocks doesn’t give me the advantage to play it throughout the day.  And even though I’m aware of this, throughout the day I can still utilize the price spike alert.  In this specific scenario, I use support to play with my crosses to play to the upside, right back to that blue line we’ve drawn as your resistance.

You can play off price spike alerts multiple times a day, specifically trading scalps on your stocks or options. Especially using BlackBox, trading through the day on here and utilizing this platform gives you a full advantage that you can even play break out moves towards the end of the day.

Another way I love utilizing this platform, and me being an options trader, I will just drill through different charts during the day, as I’m looking to make trades and profit to see if there are similar setups we can play off of. So that basically sums it up. This right here is how I’ve made some profit just this morning by utilizing the BlackBoxStocks platform. Good luck out there and stay green!