Spring Newsletter 2019


Spring Newsletter 2019

Spring is here!
The first quarter of 2019 is in the books and it has been a wild ride in the market! BlackBoxStocks has been here through it all helping our members capitalize on the roar back from the lows at the end of 2018. As we look forward, we are adding more great features to help our trading family realize consistent profits throughout the rest of 2019!
WELCOME ALL NEW MEMBERS – Join us in our live trading rooms!
Welcome to the BlackBoxStocks family! To ensure you get the most from your membership, we invite you to join us in one of our live trading rooms. Our Options trading room is currently hosted on Discord and our smaller Stock trading room is on the main BlackBoxStocks platform under Live Channels. Our moderators are here to help you get the most out the BlackBox platform. Details on how to access the trading rooms are posted daily in the main chat area HERE. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask BB2 (BB2), Maria (MariaC82), Teresa (Teresa), Jenny (JenBBS), or Teah (Teah1) for assistance.
Fantastic new education options! 
Continuing education is one of the cornerstones for achieving profits in the stock market. At BlackBox, we offer a variety of educational sessions to help you improve your knowledge and skills!

New – Live trading screen share with BB2!
Starting on Tuesday, March 5th, the OG himself, BB2, will be doing screen share sessions! See exactly what BB2 is watching and the trades he likes. Register for the next session on Thursday, March 7th, here Trading with BB2. Additional sessions will be announced shortly!

New – Live flow classes with BB2!

If you join us in our Options trading room, you know the importance of options flow data. Join BB2 daily at lunchtime for an overview of how to read the flow and recognize good trade opportunities. Times and registration links posted daily in the Options trading room and on BlackBox main chat.

New and improved BlackBox Boot Camp!

We have received great feedback on the BlackBox Boot Camp and now we have made it even better with our very own Mr. McDeggins teaching this comprehensive, 3-hour introduction to stocks, options, and the BlackBox platform! BlackBox Boot Camp is designed to help you ‘hit the ground running’! We highly recommend this class as your starting point for understanding the BlackBoxStocks platform. Registration is easy! Just go to Support on the BlackBox platform and click Calendar to register. Boot Camp is offered twice a week at various times to fit your schedule!

New BlackBoxStocks Education YouTube Channel!

Subscribe to our new YouTube Education channel to see the latest education videos and weekly updates! Click here to subscribe BlackBoxStocks Education channel.
Outstanding OIC classes!
Another great addition to our education program is our partnership with The Options Industry Council (OIC). Be sure to sign up for our next class on March 20, 2019 on Implied Volatiliy in Options. If you trade options, understanding IV is critical to maximizing your gains! Register here for the class https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1150866914504513549. More great OIC classes will be added to the calendar soon.
Outstanding OIC classes!
Another great addition to our education program is our partnership with The Options Industry Council (OIC). Be sure to sign up for our next class on March 20, 2019 on Implied Volatiliy in Options. If you trade options, understanding IV is critical to maximizing your gains! Register here for the class LINK. More great OIC classes will be added to the calendar soon.
Still have questions?

Join the Options Crew in our Options trading room every Tuesday and Thursday after the market closes for our live Q & A sessions. Bring your questions, we have answers!

Register for all of our classes on the BlackBox Calendar
Use the Calendar to search and register for all upcoming classes. To access the Calendar, log into BlackBoxStocks, click Support at the top of the screen, then select Calendar from the drop-down menu! Register for any class you like! 

BlackBoxStocks gives you the whole picture!
BlackBoxStocks is a powerful tool designed to give you a complete view on big stock and options moves. Below is a perfect example of how we combine stock data, options data, and news to give the full story behind the trade!
New Feature – Dark Pool trade data
The latest addition to the BlackBox platform is our new Dark Pool trade data. This is another example of our continuing effort to add value to the platform and give you more insight into market activity. This new Dark Pool data is displayed in the general Alert Stream. We are now displaying large block prints and identify those that are likely to be Dark Pool trades. Further, we have added an Unusual Dark Pool Activity alert when a stock has an unusually high level of Dark Pool trading activity! In the next few weeks we will add functionality to enable users to sort the various Dark Pool criteria within the alert stream, including Dark Pool data and alerts. This will allow users to see the Dark Pool alerts in real-time!We have also added a feature that identifies what the industry refers to as Signature Prints (labeled SP in the Alert Stream) on the SPY, IWM, QQQ and DIA. This is often an indicator that large funds traded these ETFs the previous day. A large number of these prints can indicate a shift in market momentum. We will provide more information on these shortly.
Not seeing Rapid Decline alerts or Top Decliners?
Due to the risk involved in shorting stocks, our Rapid Decline alerts must be activated separately in order for them to appear in the Alert Log. To turn on these alerts, go to Account, My Settings, then check the ‘Show Rapid Decline Alerts’ box. Activating these alerts will also add Top Decliners to the BlackBox NASD/NYSE stocks page.
Wondering what all of those alert colors mean?
A full description of our alerts, acronyms, filters, and data tabs, is located in the Log Keys!Stock Alert Log Key
To access the stock alert key, simply click the “?” next to the ALERT LOG (on the NASD/NYSE tab).

Options Log Key
To access the options key, simply click the “?” next to the OPTIONS title (on the Options tab).
Options Trading Room audio now live-streamed on BlackBox 
Can’t join the Options Crew on Discord? Now listen in on all of our trading rooms through the live channels on BlackBox! Simply click on the main menu, select ‘Live Channels’, then select OptionsAudio. Teah’s smaller stock trading room is also available under Live Channels.
Sign up for the BlackBox private Twitter Feed
Want options alerts pushed to your cell phone? Join our private Twitter feed! Simply click https://twitter.com/BlackBox_Team, then click “Follow”. Next, send a direct message to BB2 or Maria and let them know your BlackBoxStocks user ID (the user name you use to log into the BlackBoxStocks platform). Once your membership is confirmed, you will be added to the feed. Use the Twitter settings to ‘turn on mobile notifications’ and alerts will be pushed to your phone!
Cool new BlackBoxStocks gear!
Show your Team BlackBox pride with a cool new BlackBox hoodie! To order, send an email to D.McKay@BlackBoxStocks.com and include: your size; with or without the slogan on the back; and ‘Team BlackBox Hoodie’ in the subject line. We will have hats, t-shirts, and koozies soon!
Best commission rates with  

BlackBox has partnered with TastyWorks to bring our members some of the best commission rates in the market! To join, click the following link: http://bit.ly/tastyworks1

Tastyworks, Inc. and BlackBoxStocks, Inc. are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s services and products.

Mobile browsers for options data 
The development team is hard at work on the BlackBoxStocks mobile app. While the app is in the works, Apple mobile users can access all options data using the Desktop Browser app from Spicy Apps. Download the app HERE.

For Android platforms, use Google Chrome and select the ‘enable desktop’ option.

Check out our ‘How To’ videos on the BlackBox YouTube channel
Haven’t had a chance to attend BlackBox Boot Camp but need some info on how to use the BlackBox system? Check out our latest YouTube videos:Deciphering Options Flow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB6WC6qy330
Top 10 Rules for Day Traders – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwk93iBuW84
Understanding Options Flow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-b1P1aHs5ESubscribe to the BlackBox YouTube channel to see new content as it is added!
If you aren’t in our live trading rooms, you are missing out! 
Be sure to join our live options trading room on Discord and trade live with BB2, Maria, Teresa, Naymish, Spectre, Jenny, and the rest of the crew. Hear plays and the reasoning behind the trade, see trade confirmations, and discuss your trade ideas and strategies. The channel is active from pre-market through post-market. Be sure to bring your questions to our Q & A sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays after the market closes and don’t miss our 100% Fridays! Come join the fun and profits!Teah hosts a live trading room for lower priced stocks on the main BlackBoxStocks site during regular market hours. Subscribe to her live channel to listen in for the next supernova!
BlackBox Affiliate Program
Do you know someone who needs to upgrade their trading with BlackBox? The BlackBox affiliate program is a great way for you to get paid for referring new members! As an affiliate, you will receive $25 for each month the members you sign up are part of BlackBox! We also pay $250 for every yearly member you refer to Blackbox! Click on the AFFILIATES link on BlackBoxStocks.com to join the program!
We are here to help you!
Trading is challenging. We want all of our members to be profitable traders and we are here to help. If you are struggling, please contact us before you suffer big losses so we can help you get back on the right track. Always feel free to ask questions before entering a trade. Please tag your moderators BB2, Maria (MariaC82), Teresa (Teresa), Jenny (JenBBS), or Teah (Teah1) in main chat so we can quickly answer your questions.Also, follow the BlackBoxStocks team on StockTwits and Twitter for news, watch lists, and updates!
Thank you for being a part of the BlackBox family!
You and your participation are our motivation to continue to make BlackBoxStocks the best trading platform on the market! Thank you! #Team_Blackbox #Blackboxstocks
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