TWTR Flow Through the Roof

TWTR Flow Through the Roof


Hello again from the BlackBoxStocks blog team! We hope all is well in your world. This week was a wild one. Monday featured an up day including the TWTR flow from last week losing its mind and going through the roof! In last week’s blog, I mentioned there was a compelling TWTR flow, and it turned out to live up to the hype. It was made public that Elon Musk decided to buy 9.2% of Twitter. This made him the single biggest stockholder of the company, and it made Twitter shoot to over $150 per share. The $43 calls that our moderators called out last week, resultantly, also gained almost six hundred dollars per contract. More on this in a moment. On Tuesday, more Twitter news. It was announced that Elon Musk was given a seat on the Twitter board. Wednesday featured the FOMC minutes with the market selling off a bit after digesting the hawkish news, which was already known. The end of the week featured chop and the week finished down.



The talk of the first half of this week, for sure, was the Twitter flow. Last week, those $43 strike price calls were just hit day after day with the buyers adding to the position repeatedly. This was easily observed by our moderators and members, and many of them bought those contracts. Upon market open on Monday, many members took profit making four to five hundred dollars per contract. This is the kind of flow that is at the heart of the BlackBoxStocks culture and community, and it is nice to see compelling flow coming across the scanner more often.

Nonetheless, there is no reason to declare bear territory a thing of the past. To be really compelling, Ask and Above-ask calls need to come in at large monetary amounts while huge numbers of bidside puts register on the scanner as well. We want to see big institutional money both opening massive call positions as well as closing huge put positions. That hasn’t happened as of yet, though we are watching daily.

Our thousands of new members were also active in our Discord community as well as the chat areas on our members section of the website. This week featured live screen shares, classes being taught, and a new class on Fibonacci retracements was also offered by one of our moderators. This coming weekend features a seminar led by two of our moderators which will focus on trades that went wrong, and what we can learn about them. It is called “What Went Wrong,” and we offer it a couple of times a month. There is a lot going on at BlackBoxStocks, and I hope you had a great week.